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Speidel Stainless Steel Bladder Press - 40 Liters Brewmaster
Speidel Stainless Steel Bladder Press - 40 Liters Brewmaster
Speidel Stainless Steel Bladder Press - 40 Liters Brewmaster
Speidel Stainless Steel Bladder Press - 40 Liters Brewmaster

Speidel Stainless Steel Bladder Press - 40 Liters

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    Why Buy From Happy Hops Home Brewing
    • Expertly crafted stainless steel fruit press made by the original manufacturer of the bladder press
    • Features a slotted screen which mirrors commercial press designs
    • Higher juice yield (65-70%) compared to other press models
    • Can be used with any domestic water supply that provides at least 36 psi of pressure
    • Easy to clean after use—simply spray down with a hose and towel dry
    • Made in Germany by Speidel

    Speidel was the original manufacturer of the bladder press. While similar to the Italian models in operation, Speidel offers a few quality upgrades. To obtain a better press Speidel uses a slotted screen, similar to what is offered on large commercial presses, instead of a screen with circular perforations. Speidel presses also offer superior hardware and a recessed valve assembly (to reduce accidental breakage). Insert bag and outer splash guard included. Compared to other presses, the Speidel hydro press has a higher juice yield (~65-70%) and works completely without electricity and with minimal effort.

    This press can be used with any domestic water supply the provides at least 2.5 bar (36 psi) of pressure. Pressing pressure and pressing time is simply regulated by the water flow. These units are extremely easy to care for and can be cleaned quickly by simply spraying it down with a hose after use. You will find the quality you'd expect from a product that is 100% German-made.

    Speidel has been shifting their bladder presses from painted to all stainless, and we're pretty excited about it. Although the orange painted versions have their own aesthetic appeal, nothing beats the performance and practicality of stainless steel. Stainless is much easier to clean and much more resistant to rust. The painted versions are likely to chip over time through normal wear and tear, creating small crevasses for bacteria to call home. No such worries when working this beautiful, brushed stainless press.

    Overall height is 35" and basket height is 18.5".  A press cycle averages around 40 minutes.

    Please Note: Due to the size of the carton this wine press is packaged in, it ships as an oversized item, which is why the shipping weight below is listed as 75lb. In reality the press weighs closer to 35lb.


    • Complete press assembly
    • Inner mesh bag (to keep fruit from getting in the stainless basket and make cleanup easier)
    • Plastic "spray-protection bag" to keep juice from squirting out
    • Fittings to connect garden hose
    • Instruction manual
    • Presses ship in a corrugated box. Minor assembly (attaching legs) is required before use
    • 1 Year Warranty on all parts!


    • Can the press be operated with air pressure?
      • No. These are hydraulic presses that may only be operated with water. When operating with compressed air, there is a risk of explosion and a very high risk of injury if the membrane bursts due to excess pressure or damage.
    • Is a minimum water pressure required?
      • In order to ensure the function and the best possible yield, there should be a minimum water pressure of 2-2.5 bar on the press.
    • What if the water supply delivers more than 3 bar?
      • In principle, this is not a problem, as if the water pressure inside the press exceeds 3 bar, the pressure relief valve opens and there is no pressure-related damage.
    • How many apples make how much juice?
      • On average, 50kg (110 lbs) of apples produce around 30-35L (8-9 gal) of juice, depending on the variety and quality of the apples.

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