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Happy Hops Home Brewing FAQ's

Here are the answers to some frequently asked Questions from some of our customers.

Is home brewing legal?

Yes it is legal.  In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed HR 1337, legalizing homebrewing at the federal level and giving Carter the unlikely distinction of homebrewing hero.

What are the major ingredients in Beer?

Beer is made with water, grains, hops, and yeast

Do I rehydrate yeast?

No. Dry yeast is very easy to deal with and can be put directly into the fermenter and can be sprinkled over the wort.

Where do I store yeast?

Dry yeast should be stored in a cool dry environment, unrefrigerated, for up to a year. Liquid yeast should remain refrigerated and is best used within a few months of purchasing

It’s been two weeks – why aren’t my bottles carbonated?

Carbonation occurs by giving the yeast a small amount of extra sugar to consume. After capping, the yeast eats the sugar and produces CO2.   Because the bottle is sealed the carbonation has nowhere to go but into the beer.  In order for the yeast to the job the temp should be around 70F.  Make sure the room is warm and have patience and time.

The best way to figure out when to bottle your beer is to take hydrometer readings. In the final days of the fermentation period, take a hydrometer reading every 1-2 days until there is no change in the reading. That's how you know when fermentation is complete
Take hydrometer reading reading every 1-2 days until there is no change in the reading. That how you know fermentation is complete.