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The Process of Brewing Beer

Making beer is basically known as Brewing. The Brewing Process is broken into several different steps.

Step 1 - Get all your brewing equipment together.

The items needed are:

Brewing Kettle, Fermenter and Airlock, sanitizer, Auto-siphon, Stir spoon and a beer ingredient recipe kit of the flavor and style of beer you wish to brew.

We offer beer making equipment kits that have everything you need to easily start brewing if finding all those items seems overwhelming.

Step 2 - Making your Brew

Fill a 5 gallon brew kettle with 2.5 gallons of water.  While your water is heating, steep your grains until your water reaches 170 degrees. Remove the grains but do not squeeze the bag as it will give your beer unwanted flavors.

Add malt extracts once your kettle comes to a heavy boil and remove from the heat. Return to the boil once the extract is dissolved and add your hops.

You have now created a wort which needs to be cooled down.  We suggest using a wort chiller which is the most effective way but and Ice bath can work too.

Step 3 - Fermentation

Put your cooled wort into a fermenter and add yeast.  During the fermentation process yeast eats sugars present in the wort and produces alcohol. Seal your fermenter and airlock and store in a cool place. This process takes usually 7-14 days.

Step 4 - Bottling and Packaging your Brew

Once the fermentation process is completed you will need to add more sugar for the yeast to to eat and produce CO2.  If you are using a can or bottle this can be done by boiling sugar in 16 oz of water. When cooled you can add directly to the bottling bucket then siphon your brew out of the fermenter and into your  bottling bucket.  Attach bottle filler to hose and hose to bottling bucket.  Fill each bottle to the top. Cap the bottle with caps and a bottle capper. Store for around 2 weeks which will carbonate your beer. 

Step 5-  Refrigerate and enjoy your New brew!!