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Speidel Motorized Apple & Pear Crusher Brewmaster
Speidel Motorized Apple & Pear Crusher Brewmaster
Speidel Motorized Apple & Pear Crusher Brewmaster

Speidel Motorized Heavy Duty PE Plastic Apple & Pear Crusher

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      • Easy-to-operate, highly-efficient fruit crusher
      • Made from high-quality rust-free materials throughout
      • Optimum milling of apples and pears to provide the highest possible yield when juicing
      • 2,200 lbs per hour processing capacity
      • Stainless steel, re-grindable, reversible, hardened blades
      • Made in Germany by Speidel

      This fruit grinder impresses with its quality, functionality and safety. From the chute to the motor, this unit is made entirely in Germany. The body of the crusher is made from food-safe, high-quality PE plastic that provides extreme durability. The large funnel at the top makes feeding fruit quick and effortless while the integrated roller allows the unit to be moved and transported with ease. Cleanup is as simple as spraying down the funnel and blade assembly with water. The only maintenance the mill needs is occasionally sharpening the grinding blades.

      Do you want optimum milling for pressing and fermenting your apples and pears for Cider?
      If so, the Speidel Apple and Pear Mill is just right for you. It shreds apples and pears in an optimum manner; not too coarse, not too fine – exactly the right size of cut to guarantee you the highest possible yield when juicing (without fruit pulp in the juice) as well as speedy fermentation!

      The Speidel Apple and Pear Mill is almost maintenance-free. Only the cutter blades should be sharpened from time to time.

      Rust-Free for its Service Life
      Hopper, motor block, cutter blades, apron, feet etc. are all made of high-quality rust-free materials requiring neither care nor any special treatment. No rust even after years of use.

      Safety is a Top Priority
      The Speidel Apple and Pear Mill complies with all applicable European Safety Standards (CE Sign). Additionally, the motor is equipped with a thermal overload switch. The feed hopper has both reach-in and switch-on protection. Polyethylene shield to protect the cutters and the motor against any unauthorized intervention and against splashing water.

      Mills Ready for Pressing & Fermentation

        • No fruit pulp in the pressed fruit juice
        • Highest possible juice yield when pressing
        • Optimal conditions for fast, healthy fermentation


      Supplied with a 7' bare wire cord. Customer will need wire on correct 220v plug.  You will have to buy a 220V plug adapter because the manufacturer  prefers not to include one in order to encourage customers to have an electrician attach the plug for safety reasons.


      Feed hopper Made of heavy-duty orange coloured PE plastic (recyclable)
      Lower part Made of heavy-duty black PE plastic (recyclable)
      Motor 220V 1-Phase, 60Hz, output 2.2 kW (3HP), speed 2,800 r/min
      On / Off Switch with lock-out feature
      Connection 220V, 60Hz
      Cutting Unit Made of stainless steel, re-grindable, reversible, hardened blades
      Other Info Up to 2,200lb/hr; Rust-Free; All Parts Food-Safe
      Height (in) Length (in) Width (in) Discharge Height (in) Weight (lb)
      49.2 13.8 30.1 15 55lb

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Wonderful Apple Shredder

      Just purchased this shredder for my apples, and I am very pleased with its performance. It very powerful, can take a whole bucket of apples at once and grinds them to a perfect consistency for my apple press. It produces more juice than any of my previous apple grinders. I am extremely satisfied!

      Great Performance

      There are plenty of videos on YouTube of this fruit grinder in operation and so far my experience has aligned with what I've seen. I appreciate that the plug for the cord is left unwired as there are many different 220V plugs and it's a breeze to wire the plug of your choice on the cable. I chose this grinder because it's 220V and my tradesman friends and family members all recommended 220V for any piece of equipment used on a commercial scale and I have multiple 220V plugs in our maple sugarhouse.

      Clean-up is straightforward and easy, the motor is underneath and is protected, you can hose the blade assembly once you disconnect the power cord and three quick latches remove the hopper. I appreciate the simplicity, power of the unit, and light weight while still feeling sturdy. We ran a trial run this last weekend with both dessert apples and small, hard crabapples and couldn't strain the fruit from the wash tub quickly enough to keep up with the pace at which this machine works. I've heard reports in other reviews of possible jamming from overfilling the hopper, I have not yet had that experience.

      Without doing a measurement of the weight of fruit to the weight of juice I don't have exact numbers on how my press efficiency increased with the finer grind of this grinder. However, the week prior I pressed the same apples and yielded approximately 4.5 gallons of juice from my 90L Hydropress with my old grinder, with this machine I was blown away with about 8.2 gallons of juice from a single press. I think I'll be using this grinder as I grow into a commercial cidery for years to come until loading the fruit into the hopper manually becomes an inefficiency, I think it will keep its value to sell to someone else.