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BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni Pro Conical Fermenter - 27 Gallon Brewmaster
BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni Pro Conical Fermenter - 27 Gallon Brewmaster
BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni Pro Conical Fermenter - 27 Gallon Brewmaster
BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni Pro Conical Fermenter - 27 Gallon Brewmaster
BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni Pro Conical Fermenter - 27 Gallon Brewmaster
BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni Pro Conical Fermenter - 27 Gallon Brewmaster
BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni Pro Conical Fermenter - 27 Gallon Brewmaster
BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni Pro Conical Fermenter - 27 Gallon Brewmaster
BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni Pro Conical Fermenter - 27 Gallon Brewmaster

BrewBuilt™ X1 Uni Pro Conical Fermenter - 7 & 14 Gallon

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    Why Buy From Happy Hops Home Brewing

    The X1 Uni Pro is the most advanced homebrewing conical on the market, featuring Peltier technology to maintain fermentation temperatures with the highest level of precision. This completely self-contained conical fermenter doesn't require the additional space or expense of a dedicated refrigerator or glycol chiller and is exceedingly simple to configure and operate.

    Peltier Technology
    First discovered by Jean Charles Athanase Peltier in 1834, the "Peltier Effect" occurs when an electric current runs through a circuit of dissimilar conducting metals. This thermoelectric reaction that happens when the current passes from one metal to the other can produce either cold or heat depending on the direction the current is flowing. It wasn't until NASA began using this technology that it started to gain widespread use. Today, Peltier chips are commonly used in a variety of applications such as cooling computers and small refrigerators. BrewBuilt saw how this could be used for brewing applications, and they've been raising their glass to Jean Peltier ever since.

    Precision Temperature Control
    The X1 Uni Pro maintains fermentation temperatures using localized heating and cooling distribution. Peltier technology provides the cooling near the top of the conical where temperatures are hottest, and a very low watt density heating pad placed inside the neoprene jacket gently warms the unit from the bottom up. Cooling and heating are automatically turned on as needed via a stainless steel control box .The X1 Pro's ability to provide both cooling and heating means your fermentation will maintain the perfect temperature from beginning to end, providing cooling during the vigorous active fermentation phase, and providing heat to maintain the set temp when yeast activity ramps down.

    Note: We employ a very low watt density heater to protect your beer from the off flavors that can be created by heating the settled yeast at the end of fermentation. We will be releasing a stronger heater in Fall 2021 for rapidly changing temperatures.

    Flex Chamber - Trub Separator & Yeast Harvester
    The pressurizable Flex Chamber attaches directly to the butterfly dump valve and can be used for removing trub, harvesting yeast, and many other tasks. Since it's made from crystal clear Triton, you'll be able to visually monitor fermentation activity just as you would with a sight glass. Ball lock adapters can be attached to the threaded ports on either side, allowing you to connect oxygenation or carbonation stones, or flush the Flex Chamber with CO2 and use it to inject hops or other ingredients into your conical. Also a great option for storing yeast! Simply attach a 2" T.C. end cap or PRV and store your harvested yeast in the fridge for your next fermentation.

    Pressure Pack with Clear Float Technology
    Adding pressure capability will allow you to ferment, carbonate, and even serve all in one vessel. The Pressure Pack features our unique Clear Float Technology racking tube that can be used for taking samples, transferring to keg, or serving finished beer. This innovative feature draws beer from the top down, which means you’re always pulling the clearest, most sediment-free beer possible. Using pressure to draw a sample from the floating dip tube will also eliminate the tiny bit of oxygen that would be injected into your beer every time the traditional sample valve is opened.

    Pressure transferring from fermenter to keg is the best way to protect your beer from oxygen when it’s at its most vulnerable state. Kegging could be considered the final hurdle in the brewing process, where limiting oxygen exposure is critical. This could mean the difference between your beer tasting great for months or tasting great for a week. Don’t take any chances. Use the Pressure Pack to keg from the top down and leave sediment behind.

    X1 Uni Conical Fermenters
    The BrewBuilt X1 Uni was born of thousands of hours of research, contemplation, and development. The engineers and critical minds behind its realization scoured years of feedback from home and professional brewers alike to determine the ideal feature set of a stainless steel conical fermenter. And where standard features fell short, we pushed the boundaries into new territory never before seen on a premium conical fermenter. The end result is a unit purpose-built to advance your fermentation process, improve the quality of your finished beer, and look good doing it. This is the brewing sidekick that you’ll brag to your friends about.

    We guarantee that you will love the fit and finish of our X1 Uni Conical. Made entirely of 304 stainless steel, the quality exceeds what has previously been done in brewing applications and approaches the level of pharmaceutical-grade finish. With flawless welds and a dazzling mirror-polish finish inside and out, the X1 Uni is easy to sanitize and even easier on the eyes. You’ll probably wanna snap a pic.

    Extra Large 2” T.C. Dump Valve
    Dry hop to your heart's desire. Try as they might, hopheads will have a hard time clogging this conical. With an oversized 2" bottom port, you’ll have all the clearance you need (and even more than some pro brewers) to drop out your dry hop additions with ease. The slick mirror-polish finish on the inside allows flocculating yeast to collect neatly at the bottom of the cone as they slide right down the smooth interior walls. The butterfly dump valve integrates perfectly with included Flex Chamber Trub Separator and Yeast Harvester.

    Reinforced Four-Leg Foundation
    There’s a common complaint seen in the feedback for other conicals on the market—the tippiness of three-legged units. Three legs may be fine when the fermenter is sitting still on an even surface, but users are often forced to purchase a bracing shelf for more stability if they add casters or leg extensions. A conical is only as worthy as it’s foundation, so BrewBuilt modeled the X1 after professional-level brewery tanks with a four-leg, reinforced base. This seemingly small design feature is more expensive to produce, but it's what makes the X1 conical exceedingly stable when compared to other models.  When you fill up your fermenter with delicious fresh wort, you want to trust the vessel that’s holding your latest creation. Brewers shouted from the mountaintop that they wanted stronger, sturdier legs right out of the box that don’t require an additional bracing shelf. The four-leg, welded-bar reinforced system is absolutely rock solid. This is an especially critical feature if you plan to add rolling casters so can easily glide the fermenter around your brewery. 

    The reinforced four-leg design not only increased the stability and strength of the conical, it also allowed us to extend it upwards, thereby eliminating the need for extensions in almost every situation. An elbow, a sight glass, or the Flex Chamber can be mounted under the unit with room to spare.

    Adjustable Feet
    The X1 Uni comes standard with thread-in adjustable feet. If your home brewery has uneven flooring, you can quickly and easily level out the fermenter. The feet can be swapped out with our high-quality casters at any time.

    X1 Uni Pro Conical Features:
    • 304 stainless steel construction
    • Mirror polish finish
    • Welded tri-clamp ports
    • Single-piece lid clamp
    • Pressure-ready with built-in 15 psi PRV
    • Internally etched volume markers
    • 110V / 15A Circuit Required




    Gross Volume Net Volume Overall Height (in.) Overall Width (in.)
    7 gal 6 gal 35 13
    14 gal 12 gal 37 17

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