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Buying Guide

Let the fun Begin!

It might be helpful to know the essentials you need to start your home brewing project.

1. Large stock or lobster pot to use as your brew kettle.  Preferably 5 gallons or more.

2.  Nylon bags to put grains in when doing your mash.

3.  Bucket with a spigot or glass carboy for fermentation.

4. Racking cane - this is used to siphon out beer when needing to bottle.

5. Thermometer/Hydrometer - To take the temperature of the mash

6.  Scale to measure correct ratios of hops, grains etc.

7. Sanitizer or cleaning kit to keep everything sanitary.

8. Beverage line tubing to transfer/siphon the beer to bottles & cans.

9. Bottles, cans, growlers and caps

10.  Bottle capper, can seamer and wand

You can buy these items individually or there are many starters kits to chose

from that include the majority of these items.