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Barsetto offers every coffee lover the perfect made in Italy espresso in the comfort of their home in less than a minute. The Barsetto espresso machine is compact and features a sleek design to fit in with any setting. Barsetto makes it easy to enjoy rich flavorful espresso anytime of the day. The ingenious design offers quick and efficient service, with nearly no maintenance.


  • Detachable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Makes espresso with perfect "crema"
  • Safety suction cups on bottom for stability
  • Stainless steel black upscale, modern design
  • Used espresso pods drop into storage compartment


  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 11.65" H x 6" W x 16.25" L


The Brazen Plus 3.0 brew system has features not found on any other consumer coffee maker. Settings are adjustable for water brewing temperature and pre-soak like found on many commercial brewers. Set your brewing temperature between 190–210­°F / 90–99°C with accuracy to within 1-degree Fahrenheit. A patented feature allows temperature calibration with altitude correction. The oversized shower head and pulsed water flow ensure complete coffee bed saturation for terrific coffee extraction. Permanent filter included or use paper filters. Thermal carafe (SCA approved) with brew through lid keeps coffee hot. The Brazen Plus 3.0 is one of the very few that meet the Home Brewer certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America to their standards.

3.0 Updates:

  • New Universal System Power Boards
  • New Program: revised Pulse Water Release Timing for better extraction
  • New Micro Controller: faster data refresh


  • Capacity: 1.2 Liter, 40oz, 8 (5oz) cups
  • Temperature Control: Set brewing temperature from 190–210­°F (90–99°C)
  • Programmable Brew Start Time: Wake up to coffee with timed brew setting
  • Ideal Coffee Extraction: Coffee grounds are fully saturated due to oversized showerhead and pulsing of the water flow.
  • Elevation calibration: Adjust your brew temperature based on elevation to achieve a hot cup of coffee regardless of how far above sea level.
  • Thermal carafe with brew through lid keeps coffee hot (SCA approved)
  • Pre-soak setting allows the coffee to bloom before brewing for better flavor
  • Stainless steel water reservoir that’s easy to fill
  • Permanent gold filter included or use paper filters (10 cup for max benefit/ extraction)
  • Memory save: Settings remain, even if the power goes out.
  • Sleep mode: Saves power when not in use


Check out the Behmor® 2000AB Plus Coffee Roasting Kit:


The Behmor® 2000AB Plus is an easy to use roaster and our top choice for balancing roast quality with affordability. Based on a rotating drum, similar to commercial roasters, you can roast up to one pound at a time. As a drum style roaster it is much quieter than air based roasters. The smoke suppression technology is also a key feature for indoor use. It comes with preprogrammed roast profiles but you can also use manual mode to control temps and drum speed. 

This kit includes a stylish Bodum® 8-cup French Press - a truly gourmet method of brewing specialty coffee. Also included is "Home Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival" - an excellently written, incredibly informative, and authoritative book written by Kenneth Davids. You will be roasting like a pro in no time!

Kit Includes:

  • Behmor® 2000AB Plus Coffee Roaster
  • 8-cup Bodum® Brazil French Press
  • Home Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival
  • Three pounds of quality green coffee beans!
  • Item #COF127

Please note the primary image shows an older model. The 2000AB Plus has a black exterior as shown in the images that follow.

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